Think Microgrid Member Benefits
Here are just a few of the benefits we offer our members:
To help people understand the role microgrids can play today and in the future, members have access to educational resources and will help guide Think Microgrid’s editorial strategy for both the media and political spheres. 
Public Affairs Advocacy
Members are part of a unified voice for regulatory and policy discussions around microgrids and the future of energy. Think Microgrid members pool resources to address policy questions in an organized and consistent way that promotes diversity of business models and amplifies political and voter priorities. 
Intelligence Reports
We keep our finger on the pulse of what’s going on both in the microgrid industry as well as in the regulatory space. Our team of experts produce regular, comprehensive intelligence reports for our members on topics including new and ongoing procedures, legislation and other activities that impact the microgrid space. 
Hosted Events
Our members have special access to policymakers and the media during Think Microgrid events. Members also have the opportunity to participate in proceedings, roundtables and policy development.
Collaboration Opportunities
Think Microgrid is actively building collaborative partnerships and trusted relationships with aligned organizations, microgrid champions and leaders to ensure that microgrids are favorably considered in advocacy efforts and ongoing policy discussions. We’re engaged in discussions with policymakers to advance policies that create opportunities for microgrids to bring their unique benefits to states and federal agencies. Our members are a part of this effort. 

Here the details of Think Microgrid's announcement and from some of the founding members