December 2021

Think Microgrid is a coalition that serves as the unified voice for the microgrid industry. We highlight to policymakers and media the role that microgrids can play in addressing grid resilience, energy equity and climate change at this unique moment. Think Microgrid offers a variety of collaborative advocacy and regulatory initiatives that advance constructive dialogues, proactively addressing the barriers inherent in legacy regulatory policy. We convene and lead conversations that create new markets for microgrids. 

What We Do

Think Microgrid leverages the diversity of its membership to represent the microgrid industry in critical policy, legislative and regulatory discussions that are taking place in Washington, D.C., and at the state level. In this way, Think Microgrid:

  • Provides a coordinated approach to building relationships and leading discussions with policymakers, regulators and lawmakers.

  • Works to advance pending government initiatives that support microgrid adoption and encourage new policy activity and government programs in promising jurisdictions.

  • Fosters cooperation and alliances with the leading policy stakeholders.

Why Think Microgrid

The microgrid industry is at an inflection point. Proven technologies are being deployed in response to critical needs, such as resiliency and reliability in the face of wildfires. Most states, however, have not determined how microgrids will be incorporated into the physical grid and market designs. There is a pressing opportunity to pool resources, create educational tools and launch unified messaging. Proactive rather than simply reactive, Think Microgrid strives to cultivate new policy opportunities by engaging with government change makers even before they begin to consider action on microgrids.

Think Microgrid Services

In addition to public affairs advocacy and education, Think Microgrid provides:

  • Regular intelligence reports about new and ongoing proceedings, legislation and other activities.

  • Vision, strategy and thought leadership that highlights the role of microgrids going forward. 

  • Hosted events with policymakers and media.

2022 Activities

Think Microgrid will be leading several initiatives in 2022, including:

State Assessments: We will publish a multicriteria assessment framework to highlight which states lead in microgrid deployment and to provide a road map for state regulatory commissions, energy agencies and emergency management. 

State Workshops: We intend to host state-specific workshops to provide a forum for open dialogue about how states can put their policies into action.

Federal Funding: Think Microgrid will develop and facilitate meaningful connections and convenings between federal agencies and state-based organizations to support microgrid growth where it offers the most value. 

Editorials and Panels: Building on outreach to leading media outlets, Think Microgrid will provide education on microgrid issues and events that will highlight Think Microgrid member activities. 

Collaboration Opportunities

Think Microgrid is actively building collaborative partnerships with aligned organizations to strengthen industrywide efforts that ensure microgrids are included in advocacy and ongoing policy discussions. We are engaged in discussions to advance policies and create opportunities for microgrids to bring their unique benefits to states and federal agencies. We would love to explore how we can work together!

Membership Opportunities

Revenues from membership fees are used to support the initiatives developed by the general membership. To learn more about how your organization can support Think Microgrid, contact Cameron Brooks, Executive Director, at [email protected]. Or you can schedule a time to talk or call (303) 957-7667.

Think Microgrid Founding Members